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    Here you will find free software for naval architecture applications, as well as courses on the same field.

    DELFTship free

    DELFTship™Free is a fully functional 3D hullform modeling program perfectly suited for students, home users or anyone else with an interest in ship design. DELFTship™ uses subdivision surfaces to represent the 3D geometry instead of conventional nurbs. This technique allows for rapidly modeling the most complex shapes in a very flexible way.


    FREE!ship is a surface modeling program for designing ships yachts and boats. Subdivision surfaces are used rather than NURBS to give the designer the freedom to design ANY desired hullshape. Unfold surfaces, panel based hydrostatics, various exp formats

    FREE!ship Plus

    FREE!ship Plus is further development of the program with free source code FREE!ship v2.6 under license GNU GPL. FREE!ship Plus it intended for the full parametric analysis of resistance and power prediction for a ship and other calculations of hydrodynamics of vessels and underwater vehicles.


    CAD, Geometry and Analysis for Naval Architects, Yacht Designers and Modellers. The program can be used for Hull Design, Compartmentation, Hydrostatics, Parametric Hull Generation, Lines Plans, Modelling Templates.


    Michlet calculates the total resistance, far-field wave elevations and sea-bed pressures of thin monohulls and multihulls. Artificial life methods are used to minimise resistance and wave elevations. Examples bundled with the program include kayaks, rowing shells, catamarans, proas, SWATH, trimarans, tetramarans, pentamarans, submarines, frigates and destroyers.


    ArchimedesMB is a free for non-commercial use, benchmarked, software utility for generating hydrostatics and cross curves for arbitrary floating bodies. It employs a robust engine for calculating the submerged volume of complex cross sections and as such can handle multiple WL crossings, hollow sections, coincident sections and sections with zero area.


    The OpenFOAM® (Open Field Operation and Manipulation) CFD Toolbox is a CFD software package produced by OpenCFD Ltd. OpenFOAM has an extensive range of features to solve anything from complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, turbulence and heat transfer, to solid dynamics and electromagnetics. It includes tools for meshing, notably snappyHexMesh, a parallelised mesher for complex CAD geometries, and for pre- and post-processing.


    A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework for Design Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis

    MIT Open Courseware

    MIT offers a number of naval architecture related courses under the mechanical engineering department.

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