• 18th Annual Marine Money Greek Ship Finance Forum

    The largest and most exciting shipping finance event in Greece, the 18th Annual Marine Money Greek Ship Finance Forum, will be on Wednesday 12th October 2016 at the Athens Ledra Hotel. The agenda will be packed with the industry’s movers and shakers.

    The shipping markets have started 2016 in a way no-one really expected.  Dry bulk earnings and values hit multi-year lows in the first quarter, but now seem to be stabilizing; crude tankers continued to make great cash flow but asset prices have not reflected this and equities have not been rewarded; other shipping sectors are being affected disconcertingly from the low oil price and uncertainty in demand and supply prospects.  A difficult time indeed for shipping and the financiers and investors of shipping. But …. are we at a turning point?

    • Will ordering discipline bring about a great opportunity to invest in dry bulk? 
    • Will tanker owners continue to cash cow great cash flow, irrespective of asset values?  
    • Will new finance enter the industry from private and public sources?
    • What will be the prospects for the next 24 months? 
    • How will the Greek owners remain the leaders in the field and what strategy will they pursue?

    The Marine Money Greek Ship Finance Forum will bring together over 300 owners, bankers, investors and shipping service professionals to discuss and debate whether shipping is in crisis or offering opportunities.   Whatever the view shipping will be talk of the town in Greece in 2016 as we move through Posidonia and on towards the Marine Money conference in October in Athens.

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