• What is considered as Controlled Document?

    All documents used to define or referred to by the Company Management System are considered as controlled documents. These documents are the following:

    • Policy Manual
    • Procedures Manual
    • Fleet Instructions Manual (FIM)
    • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
    • Forms (Records)
    • Shipboard Oil/ Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP/ SMPEP)
    • Vessel Response Plan (VRP)
    • Ship Security Plan (SSP)
    • Ship-to-Ship Transfer Operations Plan (STS)
    • Safety Training Manual
    • Fire Safety Training Manual & Fire Safety Operational Booklet
    • Garbage Management Plan
    • Water Ballast Management Plan (WBMP)
    • Emergency Towing Booklet (ETB)
    • Vessel General Permit (VGP)
    • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)
    • Plans & Procedures for Recovery of Persons from the Water (RPW)

    Furthermore, a number of reference publications (vessel & office library) are also controlled.

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