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    Tourism training workshop in DPRK

    IMG_0653Mr. Panagiotis Ktenas, member of the executive board of IGMS GrC, attended as a lecturer the tourism workshop that took place in DPRK (North Korea) from 14 to 21/05/2016. During this short period, workshop leaders had the opportunity to travel to Wonsan region with a goal to examine area’s tourist attractions and how they can be further developed. The workshop seminar of a total duration of three days was housed in Grand People’s Study House in Pyongyang.  Mr. Ktenas had the opportunity in 2 subsequent sessions  to analyse the future of coastal marine tourism development of Wonsan region, giving a special emphasis to the threats and opportunities that arise due to global trends and domestic peculiarities. A Q & A session followed where the opportunity was given to the audience in raising and resolving any questions. During break sessions, Mr. Ktenas had the opportunity to discuss with participants about the work of IGMS GrC and provide a better understanding of its mission and vision. Future cooperation has been investigated in a variety of fields of common interest. All sides agreed that proper training is a “must” for any nation to progress. A warmth visit has been finalised with a promise to be repeated in the near future.